bulging disc


bulging disc

Do you have a Bulging Disc?

A patient who is diagnosed with having a bulging disc may hear it referred to in several different ways by other patients or their chiropractor (herniated disc or pinched nerve to name some), but in any case, it is a seriously painful condition that must be diagnosed and treated by a professional in the chiropractic field. When a patient is concerned with pain in their back that is referred to as a herniated disc, it is not the disc itself that is hurting, but the material that is supposed to stay inside of the spinal cord squeezing out of the space in which it should remain.

Bulging discs are often the cause of pain that can disperse throughout the body from one central point, also known as radicular pain or sciatica depending on what part of the body it affects. It can be debilitating and extremely painful, often causing people to be incapacitated at times. A disc that has gotten swollen enough to pinch a nerve can cause a person such severe pain that they have to remain seated or risk falling at any moment due to sudden bouts of pain from their affliction.

Treatment for a bulging disc can vary according to the severity of your particular case or diagnosis by a chiropractor. You should choose a doctor that knows how to pay attention to your symptoms, changes in pain level, or progression into a new stage in your condition. Dr. Amidror of Spinous offers chiropractic and spinal decompression therapy, including treatments for a bulging disc. Conveniently located in New Rochelle, Spinous serves clients in Westchester County, Fairfield and the Bronx. The doctor might prescribe an exercise regimen with a trained professional that will match your abilities and could help your back to start rehabilitating itself over time. In some cases, your chiropractor could suggest surgery to fix your painful spinal ailment. Some offices have the ability to refer you to a surgeon who can use laser spinal surgery to create a huge sense of relief for your back pain. In any case, it is necessary to see a chiropractor in order to begin the process of healing your body properly.

A bulging disc can be extremely painful, but not nearly as bad if it is properly diagnosed and treated. It is necessary to listen to the recommendations of your doctor and to maintain a pattern of consistency when you are being treated in order to truly provide yourself with some relief from the pain. Finding the right chiropractor is key to making the journey to spinal health. Having back pain is not impossible to cure, but you have to start the process fairly early to have great results.
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